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Club Accounts

We understand your needs, so we have creative options to assist you with all of your financial goals, including an account that allows you to enjoy the holiday season like never before, take the vacation of a lifetime, or simply save for a rainy day.
Our club accounts provide an easy and systematic way to save for special purposes while earning attractive dividends. Setting up direct deposit or an automatic transfer into the club account will help you get to your savings goal quicker. When you set up direct deposit, the club account will be funded throughout the year. There is no limit to how much or how long you can save. 
Explore the options below and contact us if you have questions.

Christmas Club

Take the stress out of your holiday shopping by saving a little at a time during the year with a Christmas Club account. You can open a Christmas Club account anytime throughout the year. During the 1st week of November, the funds are transferred directly into your Savings account where you can access the money in time for the Christmas season. With a Christmas Club account, you can make the holidays merry and bright. 

Vacation Club

You handle the vacation planning and we'll take care of your funds with the Vacation Club account. You can open a Vacation Club account any time throughout the year. You can also withdraw funds at any time. With a Vacation Club account, your trip can be as grand as you want!

Emergency Club

Do you have money saved for an emergency? Financial Planners recommend that you should have at least three month's salary to cover a possible emergency! That seems like a lot of money right now. But, have an emergency like a sudden loss of income, a major car wreck, excessive hurricane damage, or a sudden illness, and three month's income will be a blessing.If you do not have an emergency fund, start one today and get prepared. That way you can avoid borrowing from your retirement fund or having to go to the Credit Union for a last minute loan. The best way to get started is to have a payroll deduction straight into your Emergency Club account every payroll. Start with what you can afford, maybe $10 each payday and let it build.